Crushing Rumors About Crush Games

As the news spread that there would be no football game against O’Connor this school year, faces fell. The CRUSH in student morale was almost tangible, yet what spread even faster was a false rumor that Brandeis would no longer play any sport against O’Connor. This, however, is not the truth.

Once Northside Independent School District revised their previous zoning limits for the University Interscholastic League realignment, it was determined that Brandeis and O’Connor football teams would no longer have their regular game, but they will have a chance to battle it out if both teams make the finals.

Senior Mason Corbett, quarterback of the Brandeis football team, remains optimistic about the possibility of still playing against O’Connor.

“I think it’s still pretty fun to go and play football. I think it would have been more enjoyable to be able to play against O’Connor,” Corbett said. “I think there’s still a good shot we may play them if we get far enough.”

People believed that there would no longer be any sport contact between the infamous rivals O’Connor and Brandeis, however, this is not the truth. Every other sport will continue to battle O’Connor in CRUSH games. The rivalry can still continue, with support of different sports that may have received less attention over the years. Students can keep a fun tradition alive.

Senior Madison Denning, setter for the varsity volleyball team, discusses her hopes of increasing support as they continue to compete against O’Connor.

“We don’t really have a lot of supporters, but I feel like since there is no football crush game people will show up,” Denning said.

In order to keep the rivalry alive and Brandeis support high, it is crucial that students and staff continue to show up and cheer on the Broncos.

Tonight Broncos have the opportunity to experience a rivalry at O’Connor High School as the freshman, JV, and Varsity volleyball teams battle against the Panthers. #CRUSH

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