Brandeis Roasts others in Salsa Competition

Co-Written by Marissa Pena & Jaide Cortright

Seniors Allison Kirby and Alex Vargas claimed the People’s Choice Award for the St. Philip’s College Salsa Competition, receiving 500 dollars in scholarship money each.The two shared their secret to the perfect salsa.

“We used three habeneros, two jalapenos, some sour cream, and other various ingredients,” Kirby said.

Kirby revealed their secret ingredient: mayonnaise.

The competition was exciting, but the two agreed that winning the scholarship was the best part.

“The scholarship was a big plus,” Vargas said. “It was awesome.”

Kirby has similar feelings.

“It’s so great,” Kirby said. “It pays for a lot, including tuition.”

Culinary teacher Rachel Wright was proud of her students. She discussed the hard work and dedication that her students expressed.

“I was really proud; we tried like twelve different recipes. I just let them do their own thing,” Wright said. “This was completely them.”

The competition shed light on the culinary program. Any students interested in learning or improving their culinary skills, should consider looking into the program.

“We learn a lot in culinary,” Wright said. “All sorts of cooking skills, safety, and sanitation.”

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on “Brandeis Roasts others in Salsa Competition
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