Keeping Up With the Court

Co-written by Marissa Pena & Jaide Cortright

photos by Katelyn Lester

During the homecoming game, Nicolas Laporta, an athlete involved in track and football, walked the field arm in arm with Britney Blood, who is a swimmer and in theatre. The freshman couple received the title of Lord and Lady.

Katelyn Lester

“I liked going to the game and walking the field,” Laporta said.

Sophomores Oscar Cardenas and Sydney McCall walked across the field to claim their titles as Duke and Duchess. Cardenas, involved in football, basketball, and baseball walked alongside McCall, who plays volleyball and is on the yearbook staff.

Katelyn Lester

“I most enjoyed the game and the halftime show,” Cardenas said.

Juniors James Guerrero and MacKenzie Dunagan walked across the field to receive their Prince and Princess titles.  Guerrero, who is a set designer for Theatre Tech, a member of the Thespian society, and a Student Council officer, walked beside Dunagan, who is a cheerleader and member of Student Council.

Photos By: Katelyn Lester

“I most enjoyed cheering at the game,” Dunagan said.

Senior King and Queen Nominees

Jake Guerrero and Allison Kirby

Photo By: Katelyn Lester

“Being nominated was really weird, but it was still really cool
because I got to run with my best friend,” Kirby said.

Ryan McGowen and Ashley Leopold

Photo By: Katelyn Lester

“I felt honored for being nominated,” McGowen said.

Aaron Guerrero and Kailey Lopez

Photo By: Katelyn Lester

“It was truly an honor to be nominated. I felt a sense of ride to be able to represent the 2017 Senior class,” Lopez said.

Mason Corbett and Zakiyah Ali

Katelyn Lester

“I am most looking forward to having fun and getting down with my boys,” Corbett said.

King and Queen of 2016

Rolando Maldonado and Lauren Garcia


Rolando Maldonado and Lauren Garcia walked across the field to receive their titles as King and Queen.
Maldonado plays football and Garcia runs track.
“Being nominated was cool; it was a different experience… winning the scholarship was probably the best part,” Maldonado said.
“It felt good to be nominated; it felt good to win…winning the scholarship was the best part because…I need money for college,” Garcia said.

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