Student Changes the Face of the Game

Freshman Alexandria Stutts loves playing on the team and gets her inspiration from professional players and her cousins. The only thing that makes Stutts different from any other female freshman athlete is that her sport of choice is football.  

Stutts plays right guard for the offense. She says it’s not intimidating for her since she started playing in the eighth grade with two other girls at Stinson Middle School. This year she is the only girl on the team.

Stutts has faced various challenges since she became a player for the freshman team. Even with those challenges, she still sees football in her future.

“My biggest challenge is going against guys that are three times my size,” Stutts said.

Stutts hopes on making her way to the varsity team and receiving a football scholarship. Since football is her passion, she is using that as an advantage for school, as well.

“They support me,” Stutts said. “It makes me glad that they don’t treat me any less than I am.”

Stutts has played in all of the recent games, and she is planning on playing many more in the future. She encourages girls to pursue what they want to do, even if it is unconventional. 

“Just do it; don’t be afraid of it,” Stutts said. 

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