School Spirit Glows Against Brennan

“Who…is Ready..for a Blackout?” yelled Coach Rhoden, as the crowd cheered powerfully in response. With lights out and glow sticks in hand, the pep rally everyone has been waiting for began. Eager screams and hype fill the auditorium.

After the Orchestra played the National Anthem, the show began with the Ballet Company. Students applaud when they entered the stage and watched their performance with balloons that were completely luminous.

Next, the NightHawks drill team delivered a presentation with sharp movements and ripples throughout their routine.

The Spirit of Brandeis Band filled the air as they played a crowd favorite, “Tank,” which definitely energized the crowd even more.

“My favorite part was the band,” sophomore Hannah Lopez said. “It was cool that they were in the audience with us.”

Sophomore and twirler Maddie Wood performed next. Her arms, batons, and outfit were completely glowing. The crowd roared every time the baton left and returned to her hand. What enchanted the audience was the spins and twirls in between each toss.

“My favorite part was the baton twirling,” junior Karter Bonillas said. “It looked really cool.”

The Blue Aces unarmed drill team and reigning National Champions gave a performance with precise and sharp motions.

Students screamed and chanted in excitement when the drum line began. Drum kits and snares were aglow and the crowd was going insane.

“The best part of the Black Out pep rally is drum line,” senior Sarah Gonzalez said. “That is the only reason I go, because that is one of the only times they get featured.”

Next, the Lariettes dance team performed to the theme of “The Purge,” and the Sapphire drill team performed a pom routine. To conclude the rally, the cheerleaders gave a performance with music and stunts that made the crowd go wild.

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