GEMS shine in science and math

A new club is helping girls do things they enjoy in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields. Librarian Connie Lippenholz felt there was a need to encourage female students to pursue STEM education.

“Our goal is to develop mentoring relationships with people at colleges nearby or professionals,” Lippenholz said.

STEM is generally male-oriented and, typically, not many girls are motivated to take it as an endorsement.

“Statistics show that girls in elementary grades are just as interested as boys in this field. As they get older, the boys kind of push the girls away,” Lippenholz said.

Lippenholz named the club GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) after a vote from the girls in the club.

“Be yourself, be proud, encourage others and stay connected. Women have a lot of impact in the industry,” Lippenholz said.

Secretary of the club and freshman Swapomti Surampudi enforces the idea that both males and females should have the same opportunities of success, despite the male prominence in previous years.

“It gives girls the opportunity to know that they aren’t alone in wanting to pursue STEM careers and make a difference,” Surampudi said. “My motivation to enter this club is my own personal interest in STEM and the field, because I have interests in all four of the implied fields.”


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