The 2016 Educator of the year Alexis Marcelo teaches Algebra I and Geometry Pre-AP,  and the New Educator of the Year Adrianna Cortez teaches Biology, Environmental Systems, and Pep Squad.

Some may be surprised to learn that their teachers faced similar frustrations in class that students now face.

“When I was younger, I struggled with math. I had a great tutor (my dad) who helped me fill in gaps and understand the material. I noticed that sometimes it’s not the material but the relationship with the teacher that helps to build understanding. I wanted to become a math teacher for this reason,” Marcelo said.
When Cortez learned that she loved two things didn’t really have anything to do with each other, she did what she could to make it work.
“I have always had a love for science and dance. Being able to use both sides of the brain on a daily basis makes me feel balanced,” Cortez said.
For these teachers, inspiration was right in front of them.
“My parents inspire me. My dad was in the military, and my mom held down the fort while balancing various jobs. Both of them went back to college when I went to college to pursue their dreams of becoming teachers. They work hard every day investing blood, sweat, and tears into every aspect of their job,” Marcelo said.
Both felt honored to have been selected; they are thankful and humbled.
“I would like my students to learn problem solving. It is applicable in math but more importantly in life. If your method of approach was not successful, back up and try something new,” Marcelo said.

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