All You Need is Love

Photo courtesy of the Solanik’s


The Solanik’s, famous around Brandeis for being the greatest substitutes to ever grace our halls with their presence, are the cutest couple in all of Brandeis History. You may know Mr. Solanik for his lighthearted teasing and fun jokes that brighten a students day, or Mrs. Solanik’s graceful dancing that will uplift any classroom.

The two met at a drive-in restaurant, when Mrs. Solanik (16 at the time) was on a date with another man. Coincidentally, Mr. Solanik (almost 18) pulled up next to them with his brother, a friend Mrs. Solanik knew from band. Although Mrs. Solanik claims it wasn’t love at first sight, she luckily gave him a chance.

“We met, and the next week or so he called and asked me out on a date,” Mrs. Solanik said.

The two have been married for fifty-one years, but began dating a few years before that. Their first date, was at a drive-in movie theater, which was a popular dating site at the time; popular for showing movies back-to-back.

“It was a drive-in movie, but I had a curfew so we couldn’t stay for the second movie, we only stayed for the first,” Mrs. Solanik said. The two had a great time, and Mrs. Solanik agreed to go out again. From there, the fate of the cutest couple (and substitutes), was established.

Mr. Solanik shared his favorite characteristics and qualities about his significant other.

“When she pays the bills,” Mr. Solanik responded.

Mrs. Solanik claims her favorite thing about Mr. Solanik,

“He likes to cruise and travel. And he let’s me be me,” Mrs. Solanik said.

The Solanik’s love to travel, and have already visited many places.

The couple believes that a healthy and strong relationship consists of allowing each other space. Make sure not to ignore each other, but acknowledging needed space is healthy for a strong relationship. When interviewed separately, both gave nearly identical answers regarding the advice they have for a strong and healthy relationship

“Remember that both of you have different interests, and take care of your interests and understand that he or she has their own,” Mr. Solanik advised.

“He has his interests and I have my interests. We do our own thing at times, but then we come together and we enjoy being together as well,” Mrs. Solanik said.

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