Trotting History to the San Antonio Rodeo

Photo courtesy of L. Ellis


Linda Ellis, Pre-AP World Geography and Sociology teacher, rode with the Bexar County Palomino Patrol and Drill Team during the grand entry. Like everyone else, Ellis does this to feel young again.

“I having been riding horses my entire life, but this is the first year I have ridden with the Bexar County Palomino Patrol,” Ellis said.

Ellis owns two Palomino horses, Handsome and Rico. She practiced the drill beginning in August on weekends and one weeknight a couple of times a month.

“I love horses and have always wanted to ride with the Bexar County Palomino Patrol. The opportunity to ride with them during the Rodeo has definitely been a dream comes true moment for me! I cannot wait to ride with them again next year,” Ellis said.

Ellis feels honored and privileged to have been able to ride with the Bexar County Palomino Patrol. Having made memories and showing students her souvenirs has been an experience incomparable.

“My poor friends, family, students and co-workers. I could not stop talking about how much fun I was having and forcing everyone to look at pictures,” said Ellis.
Along with her memories Ellis believes that she got the better end of the deal with this experience.
“The benefits of riding with the BCPP were many. I think the best thing was that I made a lot of new friends with the same values and beliefs as me,” Ellis said.

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