Girls Varsity Soccer

Photo by S. Lucas


Varsity girls soccer team has two more district games and will continue to play-offs. They are undefeated in districts winning 17 of their district games. Their next game was a crush game against O’Connor. Senior, Alyse Zinglemann is goal keeper for the soccer team, she is planning on playing in college at Hardinson University for the next four years.

“Districts are going very well right now, we have three more games to go and then we are off to play-offs,” Zinglemann said.

Their future games consisted of playing O’Connor and John Jay before going on break. Danielle Kays is a junior on the soccer team. She focuses on finishing senior year strong and probably continuing in college. She picked up the sport when she was four years old,and since then she has loved the sport.

“We are very prepared and determined for future games, we are very confident we will get passed second round in play-offs this year even though we didn’t make it last year,” Kays said.

Practice goes on from 4 PM through 5 PM, or 9 AM through 11 AM throughout the week. Mia Salas is a freshman on the varsity soccer team. She plans on going very far in soccer and wants to play for a college soccer team.

“In practice we go 110% and give it our all to be able to defeat all of these teams,” Salas said.

Coach Boss in the girls varsity soccer coach. She has been coaching at Brandeis for eight years ever since it first opened.

“I wouldn’t say I ‘like’ coaching the girls soccer program, I love it everyday,” Boss said.

She says districts are going very well winning all of their games.

“District play is going good, we are having a few injuries that are keeping it interesting as far as moving players around,” Boss said.

The boys soccer team on the other hand have ten wins, six ties, and one loss starting the season off on January 11th with a game against O’Connor. They are third in districts. The coach for the boys varsity soccer team is Coach Maher. He has also been coaching at Brandeis since it opened. 

“I love coaching them, it is tough because of all the distractions in players’ lives today. Goal is the same, make them the best man I can.  It is never a dull day with those guys,” Maher said.

The boys future was in the hands of the New Braunfels team in play-offs, but they hoped to have the same luck that they had in districts. They ended up losing 0-2 against New Braunfels.

“District has been tough, not because we have not been playing well, but it’s tough because we have not scored the goals from our good play on the field.  We feel we should have a lot more wins then we have now,” Maher said.


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