Bronco Band Marches Into Competition Season

Photo by K. Barber


Brandeis band has a busy season ahead of them for the 2017-2018 school year. Not only do they have regionals like orchestra, but they have Districts, Region, Area, and State competitions.

Junior, Benjamin Walls is anticipating the band will do better than last year in competitions.

“If we end up doing better this year then that will show that we’ve improved,” Walls said.

The Bronco band has their Region in mid-November, giving them a month to perfect their pieces.

“Region is a multistage process and it starts with District. After District it’s Region, Area, then State,” Walls said.

With football season taking the time of all the marching students and directors, it’s a wonder they still have time to complete their school work and practice all their music. Most band students are well disciplined in their academics and achieve high grades because of their impressive work ethics.

Senior, Drum Major, Lynsey Lamoureux stays ahead of her school work by prioritizing when she has time.

“You have to always be thinking about what you’re gonna do,” Lamoureux said. “I keep a really detailed planner of everything that I need to do. Days in advance I’ll give myself deadlines so that I’m working on something before it needs to be done.”

Junior, Emily Powell has a similar mindset about balancing her school work with her color guard practices for football games and competitions.

“I should do better because we have good captains, and I started doing all my homework and assignments any extra minute I have in my classes,” Powell said.

All in all, the Bronco band is ready for the upcoming competition season and is well prepared to balance their busy schedules with school.

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