Kicking off the football season with new head coach and athletic coordinator, David Branscom

Photo by K. Lester


Brandeis has seen its fair share of talent come and go as the years pass us by, however with the changing times come new faces and new potential, the 2017-2018 football team is no exception. Introducing the newly appointed torchbearer of the brandeis football team, David Branscom.

New positions can sometimes be a conundrum in and of itself for a good majority of people who have yet to have any kind of exposure to their aforementioned field, not to mention that sometimes the amount of responsibility one must uphold may jump in scale tremendously. However, this is not always the case when dealing with someone who knows what exactly they are getting into.   

“It’s awesome,” says Coach Branscom about his new title,”but it’s also a lot of responsibility as far as making sure you are doing right by these student athletes and position them to be successful on the field but also off the field.”

His words aren’t just for show either, one among the many in agreement on the football team speaks up.

“I feel like Coach Branscom is definitely leading our team into the right direction,” says Senior and captain Michael Rodriguez with confidence,” he’s already done the unthinkable, and has no intention of slowing down.”

Teams function much like clockwork in the sense that everyone is a part that, by himself, can’t really accomplish too much, however combine all the individual parts together and you find yourself with a machine. Depending on how it’s assembled this machine could be one of a kind article that could endure against any kind of hardship and find the path to triumph without fail, or it could the type of device that never moves quite right, almost to the point of stagnation. Coach Branscom shares his thoughts on the matter.

“Realistically for us to reach those goals and be a team of destiny we’ve got to get more trust, make a commitment, and overall showing care,” says Branscom with conviction, “you don’t have to be best friends with everybody but there’s got to be a level of care that you’re going to work together for a common goal that is bigger than yourself.”

Not only does Coach Branscom see the potential of the team this year, but the players as well. Senior, Daniel Guerrero describes the relationship of the team.

“I feel that we have a really good chance to make something special happen this year,” Guerrero said. “We get to spend time with our brothers and it’s a lot of fun.”

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