New Dean Finds Her Way Back Home

Photo by K. Vasquez


Here at Brandeis we have all been used to the Academic Dean being Mr. Schmidt, but with this new school year comes a new Academic Dean, and her name is Elisa McCraken. This, however, would not be her first time at Brandeis.

McCraken used to be an Environmental Science teacher for eight years before her career led her in a different direction, towards her newest adventure as the Brandeis Academic Dean.

“I started officially at noon on Friday, September 29th,” McCracken said. “As the Academic Dean I am the instructional leader for the campus, so I work with teachers to make sure that every student has an opportunity to learn and has high quality instruction.”

Even though she has been away from Brandeis for some time, any teacher or student who has left and come back can attest to the certain family aspect that the Bronco family ensues.

“I was at Brandeis before so I still have many relationships here with teachers, that I had here as a teacher. So coming back to Brandeis feels like coming home and it’s awesome,” McCracken said.

Even with her excitement over returning, McCracken admits that it’s not all the same as it used to be.

“I am still learning, because this job is totally different. It has a sharp learning curve, lots of things I didn’t even know we had to do,” McCracken said. “I’m learning that part.”

Many people who find themselves in a different trail from the one they originally tracked feel that they might be a little lost, but with a light at the end of the tunnel that burns as bright as Brandeis, nothing ever feels too out of reach and as a student and faculty body.

We all are here to welcome McCracken with open arms and help her on her journey to settling back home with a new set of duties. We wish her the best of luck and know she’ll be just fine.

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