New Inductees Walk the Stage

Photo by K. Hale


National Honor Society is known to be a prestigious organization for high school students. NHS helps students increase their leadership skills and knowledge with community service. These students are held to a high standard for their academic success, having to maintain a 90.0 GPA and higher to remain a member.

Applying for NHS entails a process of writing an essay based on how each student feels they represent the four pillars of an NHS member: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Also, students can enlist in service, volunteer, and leadership positions in which they participate  to show they were well involved and eager to help their community. There were 181 juniors and seniors who met these qualifications and were inducted into the program this year.

On Tuesday, December 5, these students crossed the stage and took an oath to uphold the four pillars.

NHS President and senior Alexandria Gonzalez introduced the night with a captivating mindset on the joy she feels watching the future of NHS walk the stage.

“As I saw each student walk toward Dr. Berger, I witnessed the future, and I can tell you right now it is going to be amazing,” Gonzalez said.

Academic Dean Elisa McCracken gave a speech during the ceremony announcing her astoundment for how many new members have been selected.

“As I looked out at the 181 NHS inductees, I thought the rest of the world should see what I see,” McCracken said. “There is so much talent and so much good; how can we not have hope for the future. They inspire me.”

She also acknowledged her apologies for the possible mispronunciation of names with a personal “moo” story.

After each officer of NHS gave a small introduction into what the four pillars of NHS are and what they mean, the first row of students lined up for their name to be called.

Each student one at a time walked across the stage to receive their certificate from Principal Dr. Geri Berger, while cameras flashed throughout the audience; the induction into the membership is complete.

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