Spotlight on Spelling

Photo by K. Lester


The theatre department put on its annual musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The musical displayed the actors’ extreme talents in singing and portraying each of their characters. In the musical five kids participated in a spelling bee and explained their life’s struggles throughout. William Barfee played by Nathaniel Scribner won the Putnam County spelling bee and Olive Ostrovsky’s heart played by Miranda Dean.

The play emphasized the importance of friendship and understanding others as each character had their own problems. The Audience was able to see into each of the characters minds to understand what they were going through. The musical displayed a sense of innocence and maturity with each scene.

The tech booth did an excellent job setting the mood for the play from the moment you walked into the auditorium. The lighting was low and the focus on the Spelling Bee banner on the stage. They put a spotlight onto a seat saved for Olive’s dad which made the audience feel even more included.

The actors pushed to bring on their best performance all three nights and finished their last show.

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