Golf Season in Full Swing

Photo by J. Rector


Although it is early in the season, the team has already played a couple of tournaments which seem to have gone fairly well. Golf has started practices as the season is year round. They practice four out of the five school days at various courses around San Antonio. Some of the students have preferred courses they like to play.

“It’s [TPC] my favorite [course] because it’s very challenging and it trains me to play better golf and how to play in tough situations,” sophomore Isabella Johnson said.

“TPC is my favorite course because of how beautiful it is and how the course flows,” sophomore Joses Castillo, a player on the JV #2 team, said. “My best round was when I shot a 92 at The Republic; it was amazing and I felt great.”

Castillo also tells why he likes golf.

“It is a fun sport and a calming one, as well,” Castillo said.

The most recent JV #3 team had their last tournament of the fall season at TopGolf on the 13th of December. The team felt it was a great tournament as they finished third.

“It was a great experience and a great team effort,” sophomore Zach Saucedo said.

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