Improve Your Golf Swing


  1. Identify your weaknesses

Identifying your weaknesses will show you what you need to improve on. In order to figure out what you need to work on is to keep simple notes. Keeping these notes will help show what is weaker than other aspects of your game.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice! If you want to get better then you got to practice. Practice makes perfect. Practice on every aspect of the game but focus on the things that are weaker than others.

  1.  Grip

The way you hold the club is one of the most important parts of your golf swing. Your grip of the club is just as important as anything else. If you hold the club the wrong way it can really mess up your backswing and follow through which will end up affecting the way you hit the ball. You want to hold the club towards the end of the club, (but not all the way) and have your left hand, or right for lefty’s, on the club with your thumb pointing down parallel to the club. Next, with your right hand, or left, cover your other hand and interlock your right pinky in between your left middle finger and index finger.

  1. Stance/Posture

Just like your grip, your stance/posture is just as important. With your stance you want to make sure that you’re a good distance away from the ball, distances will be different depending on the club. Have your back be straight and a slight bend at your knees.

  1. Backswing and Follow Through

The last important aspect of your golf swing is your backswing and follow through. When you do your backswing make sure that you pull your right, or left, hip straight as if you were looking behind you. The club will need to come back about halfway with your left, or right, shoulder touching your chin. Lastly, when you follow through, rip your hips through while keeping your eye on the ball. As well as turning your wrists so the club head can be square with the ball when it makes impact.

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