Bronco Roundup

Story and Photos by Hailey Townsend

Bronco Roundup took place after school on Tuesday January 9, from 6:45 to 8:30. This event designed for incoming freshmen from Stinson and Garcia to help them determine which classes and electives they want for next year.

Student representatives manned their booths to talk to the 8th graders about their elective options. Some even displayed trophies, like the debate team and AFJROTC, or projects of 3D models and robots, like Architecture and Robotics.

Electives are a way for students to take a break from required courses to learn skills based on their own interests. Clubs can also be a great way to get involved around campus and to meet new people.

There was a record turnout of students thinking about and preparing for their future at the high school.

Fire Science is a four-year program under the Public Services endorsement.

“Fire science is a fun way to prepare yourself for a career in firefighting. We’re like one big family. Taking this class in high school gives us an advantage because we can get certified early. It’s also good because the learning is very hands-on and student-led,” junior Wade Scott, Battalion Chief, said of the elective.

Left: senior Captain Steven Gonzalez Middle: junior Battalion Chief Wade Scott Right: sophomore Cadet Paul Ginger










Construction Technology is also a four-year program, which is under the Architecture and Construction Endorsement.

“Woodshop is a class where much of your work is independent, which really calls upon your own creativity. It feels good to make something with your hands and to see the finished product of your handiwork. Self-sufficiency is something that I admire; watching my skill develop over time has been very satisfying,” sophomore Brandon Robertson said.

Left: sophomore Brandon Robertson Top right: senior Michael Sanchez and Sophomore Manuel Zuniga Bottom right: sophomore Eliana Carrillo




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