Career Center

The Career Center is a resource for every student at Brandeis and is rarely taken advantage of. 

Patty Barclay is located in the Career Center and is dedicated to finding scholarships and helping students with any other questions or concerns they may have about college. 

One resource that Barclay would like every student to know about is the collection of scholarships that are offered to Helotes residents. These scholarships have a very small number of applicants, so you have a higher chance of receiving the scholarship. 

Another resource is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams. These are exams that students can take in order to test out of college classes. They are free if you sign up for them at

If you sign up with, you can also receive free online lessons. 

The Career Center is dedicated to helping students, and should be utilized by every one. If you haven’t visited the Career Center yet, “you’re missing out,” Barclay said.

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