Projects For The Future

Students in Independent Study Mentorship research and explore a field of study of their choice. They find a mentor in their field, observe, and participate in that field of study. 

Throughout ISM, students research and identify an aspect of their field that interests them and create a product that meets a need or solves a problem in that specific field. 

Senior Erin Davila is being mentored under Bridgette Findley, an employee at USAA, and is studying Cyber Security. 

Davila is creating an “informative website that teaches high school students the basics of Cyber Security.” Current and future students can access this website through its domain,

Senior Peter Sattler is studying Local Government with his mentor, Renee Watson, Director of the Department of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship Department of Bexar County. Sattler’s product is a bicycle safety event called SA Safe Cycling for both bicyclists and motorists. 

“Wear a helmet [and] pay attention to your surroundings… be aware that cars won’t acknowledge you until they hit you,” Sattler said.

Both of these products were made completely by the students themselves, with guidance from their mentors. Davila’s product was posted online, where future students can benefit from her work. Sattler’s product helped to spread awareness for cyclist safety to both motorists and cyclists. 

ISM gave both of these students the opportunity to investigate the field of study they were interested in, and create a product that could help others in that field.

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