Orchestra enchants crowd with Harry Potter score

Co-written by Marissa Pena and Jaide Cortright

The Brandeis Orchestra performed the score from the Harry Potter film franchise and created a post Hogwarts themed atmosphere for the audience. From floating candles in the entryways to wizard themed sweets at the end, the orchestra captured the true feeling of Harry Potter.

Orchestra director Kevin Garcia-Hettinger was ready to embrace the idea of the themed concert.

“It was one of my students idea to do that. We did “rockestra” before, and we thought we could make it into a story this time,” Garcia said.

The students performed wearing robes and ties, reminiscent of Harry Potter movies, creating an authentic Potter feel. While performing, projections of various Harry Potter scenes continuously played in the background. The director and orchestra created a story that involved the audience.

Senior Hayle Ward who plays the violin described her favorite part of the performance.

“We worked really hard. To be on stage and see the crowd reacting to it was really fun. My favorite song was ‘Farewell to Dobby’ because the first part was really ominous and the second part was really slow,” Ward said.

 Freshman Carolina Garcia, who also plays the violin, also enjoyed being a part of the concert.

“My favorite song was ‘Order of the Phoenix.’ I thought it was really cool. I think the way we executed the transitions was the best,” Garcia said.

Overall, the concert was a success and shed light on the talent and skill of the Orchestra. The turnout of the concert exceeded many expectations and hopefully even more attend next time.

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