Staying Safe is Top Priority

As children, we are all told many times to stay away from strangers. Now, we need that reminder more than ever since we are getting ready to go “Trick-Or-Treating” for this upcoming Halloween. Here are a couple of safety tips for Halloween.

Stay in a group. Although you want to have fun, there are dangers we all need to be aware of. In that being the reality of the world, fight off those dangers together not separately.

Remember the law. While in the Halloween spirit, it may seem fun to pull a couple of pranks. At the moment it may seem as just a trick, but it won’t be so much of a treat to your parents when they have to bail you out of jail.

Keep Cell Phones Handy. This is possibly the most convenient tip, because many of us will already have them in our hands. Doing this will give you the advantage of calling for help if necessary. Also, remember to have it fully charged before leaving the house.

Stay on Well-Lit Streets. As teens, we may think we are the “real deal” but in reality we are all scared of what’s in the dark. This also goes hand-in-hand with staying in a group. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t go looking for trouble.

Stay on Curfew. Yes many of us want to impress others, but keep in mind the consequences of not coming back on time. No matter what the situation is be on time. By keeping all of these in mind not only will you be safe but you will avoid having a “scare” of your life. Don’t forget to think before you act. Happy Halloween!

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