Brandeis Volleyball faces round three of playoffs

First, they won District, then, they won Area; next up is Regional Quarter Finals for the Brandeis Varsity volleyball team. This is the first year that the Broncos have made it this far in the playoffs, and there is no stopping them now.

Junior Nyah Hall is happy about their season so far.

“I’m super proud of my team, because we’ve never had District Champs alone,” Hall said.

Senior Jordan Jefferson attributes the team’s victories to their relationships, determination, and hard work. 

“We all get along. In the past, we’ve had some animosity against some people on the team. This year everyone likes each other,” Jefferson said.

Every sport has its hardships and positive experiences; senior Madison Denning recognizes the benefits of both.

“In off season you run a lot, but it makes you better,” Denning said. “I like experiencing winning with my team; it’s the best to accomplish with them.”

Sophomore Chidera Ugwokaegbe enjoys the team aspect of the sport.

“I like it because it’s a team sport and your team picks you up even when you’re down,” Ugwokaegbe said.

Sophomore Maya Smalls has only positive feelings about the season.

“It is really exciting,” Smalls said. “We lost four of our key teammates last year, so we weren’t sure if we were going to do well this year. But, then we started beating big teams like Clark and Brennan, which led us to win District.”

Smalls is optimistic about the team and their chances to advance.

“We play well as a team; our chemistry is really good and allows us to win more games,” Smalls said. “We are hoping to do win on Tuesday and make it to State.”

The team has made a consecutive amount of wins and has been defeating teams such as O’conner (3-2), Brennan (3-2), Clark (3-2), Clemens (3-2), Vandegrift (3-2), and most recently New Braunfels(3-1)

The Brandeis Varsity Volleyball team, led by Coach Madeline Williams will face the Mcallen bulldogs on Friday, November 11. 

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