Fun Things to do During the Holidays

San Antonio Zoo Lights

Looking at Christmas lights is definitely one of the best parts of the holidays. The San Antonio Zoo is open later in order to show off their new holiday light display, providing a new and exciting event that students can see to make their holidays much more interesting.The regular zoo closes at 4pm and then reopens at 6pm for the light exhibit. The display is only available until January 1, so make sure you stop by before then to enjoy the dazzling display while checking out the interesting wildlife.

Santa’s Ranch

Another beautiful display of lights can be found at Santa’s Ranch located in New Braunfels, Texas. The ranch is illuminated with Christmas lights which light up the entire area with intricate strands and creating what one would expect Santa’s Ranch to actually look like. It is the perfect place for students to walk around and enjoy the display of lights. It is open from 6pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday, and 6pm-10pm the rest of the week.

The Riverwalk

One of the best places to truly get a taste of the Christmas atmosphere in San Antonio is the beloved Riverwalk. Lined with lights, the Riverwalk is truly transformed into one of the best locations in San Antonio to shop, eat, walk, and view the lights. Families gather to eat along the river and eagerly take part in boat rides to view the sights. If you are looking for a destination to make your holidays truly special for you and your family, the Riverwalk can definitely do just that!

Volunteering at the Food Bank

One of the most important qualities of the holidays is giving back, and although this is often overlooked, the San Antonio food bank provides the opportunity to do just that. There are too many families that will go hungry during the holidays; however, with your help and time, that can be changed. Make a difference and give back to your community. Volunteering is truly one of the best ways to share love and give back.

Foster an Animal from the Animal Shelter

Are you an animal lover? One of the best ways to share the holiday spirit is with a special companion. Fostering animals from local animal shelters can be a great way to share the love and warmth of the holidays. Fostering is simple and consists of temporarily taking care and housing animals until a permanent arrangement/home can be found. There is a surplus of dogs and cats during this time who are looking for homes. Help rehabilitate a malnourished cat or previously abused dog, and truly spread the holiday magic. If unable to foster, simply donating or volunteering can also help.

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