Fishing for Education

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The Aquatic Science classes took a field trip to Honey Creek State Natural Area, located inside of Guadalupe River State Park.

Students were able to conduct field studies and determine water quality. Leilani Heist, the aquatic science teacher, says she intended “for students to learn about a specific aquatic habitat in our area.”

Aquatic Science is the study of aquatic systems, encompassing both freshwater and marine systems.

“I want my students to come away with appreciation for aquatic life and have knowledge to make water smart decisions,” Heist said.

Students had the opportunity to learn how to fish and use chemical tests and animal population samples to determine water quality.

“Most of the students caught fish; some were fishing for the first time in their life,” Heist said.

Senior Tram Le was the first to catch a fish on the trip.

“It was nice catching the first fish of the day because it was the first fish I had ever caught,” she said.

Although the aquatic science classes do not have another trip planned for this year, students are grateful for the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

“Being able to have an experience like this made me realize the true beauty of nature and understand the creek better in depth. It was definitely a day to remember,” senior Amy Le said.

The class has already dissected a frog and is currently working on a lab with Brine Shrimp (Sea Monkeys) to explore the impact of runoff pollution on organisms. Coming into the spring the class will have more dissections as they enter their unit about marine organisms.

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