Students Savor Memories

Photo by R. Hellums


The reasoning for students choosing culinary may not all be similar, but their goals are the same.

Junior, Hayley Cavazos decided to choose culinary because it seemed like a fun elective and she also had an interest in cooking. Now she loves the class because she feels connected to the other students.

“You make mistakes like everybody else does, so you learn with your group and everyone’s kind of on the same level as you,” Cavazos said. “We all feel like a family.”

Culinary is a popular elective by many of the students, but not just for the food. Memories are made and taken with them as they learn.

Senior, Brooke Hales enjoys a memory near thanksgiving.

“We carved pumpkins. It was orange for two days after,” Hales said. “It’s the most memorable,”

Junior, Sloan Enstead describes one of her favorite memories in the kitchen.

“We were making smoothies, strawberry ones, and we all thought it was going to taste good but we tasted it and it was the tart-est thing ever. It was so funny,” Enstead said.

Culinary is cherished by many students, even if it wasn’t their first choice and continues to be an excellent elective. The students not only take what they have learned with them to college and to their own families, but the memories they make stay with them as well.

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