Students Create a ‘Stampede’ in the LGI

The advanced art community has had the opportunity to showcase talent once again. A new art mural in the LGI brightens up the school with work from advanced and AP art students.

Art teacher Joshua Gonzales was approached by Principal Geri Berger who invited his students create an art mural to make a somewhat barren room more welcoming.

“She mentioned how other art projects had been in the LGI before, and they were just kind of there; there was really no cohesiveness to them,” Gonzales said. “She wanted something on the wall, the full wall.”

Gonzales knew Berger wanted the canvas to convey school spirit, but she was initially unsure of what she desired.

“All she could think of was the word ‘stampede,’” Gonzales said.

The word stampede offered a range of ideas, and, after sketching and brainstorming, a final idea was approved and the students got to work.

Gonzales’ Art III students during 6th period and AP students during 7th period have been working on the mural for about five weeks and are about 90 percent complete with the work.

The mural currently depicts the silhouettes of a horse stampede at sunset.

“The horses that are there are the background,” Gonzales said. “We’re cutting out more horses to stack in front, and they’re going to be layered and coming forward. We’re hoping to add another little surprise toward the end, but we don’t know, yet.”

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