Student accounts are created locally by the faculty sponsor.
Students can be assigned different roles—Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor.

Student accounts are created at the dashboard level at Users > Add New. In the Add New User window you can add existing users or create a brand new user. For you will only Add Existing Users (all Northside students are listed in our LDAP database and can be imported into your online news). In the field E-Mail or Username enter the students s-number (example s123456) and set the User Role. For information on WordPress User Roles see

Check mark Skip Confirmation Email and then click [Add Existing User]. You will get a feedback message that the user was added successfully.

Once the student account(s) has been created instruct the student to login and from the dashboard select [Profile]. Under the Display name publicly as dropdown, select the appropriate way the name should appear when the student publishes. Under About Yourself the student can enter their name and limited biographical information about themselves, keeping in mind student privacy.